Key West Sunset “Luxury” Cruise

Private Sunset Cruise in Key West

 “Like the turning of a page, day transistions to night and we celebrate this Sunset.  Our Key West Sunset Cruise is famous for this celebration.”




Southernmost Point of the U.S.

There can be no better place to celebrate the Sunset.  As you look across the liquid horizon and watch the setting in all its glory and think about the day, the sun slowly slips below the horizon marking the passing of day into night.  If the weather’s right, the colors are spectacular with hues of orange and reds, burgandy and purples.  Bring your camera because Key West offers the finest Sunsets to be found.


In Key West, the passing from day into night means just one thing…..It’s Time To Party!  The Captain eases away from that special place you watched the sunset and now it’s time to Celebrate The Night!  As this yacht powers up and darkness falls,  the Captain lights up the night with the abundance of lights aboard, including the Ocean LED’s that light under the hull and illuminate the wake with a surreal bluish/purple glow.  After a breathtaking cruise around Key West, the Captain heads her into port to cap off your Sunset to remember.


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